Protecting your network from online attacks and data theft

In this digital age, data is more valuable than ever. This explosion in value has driven the creation of ingenious tactics for cybercriminals to steal this precious information and demand a ransom. But paying thousands or millions of dollars to cybercriminals is only one of many possible disastrous outcomes caused by poor data security. From thousands of exposed credit card numbers to expensive noncompliance fines, the risks of unsecured systems are simply too great.

In order to keep cybercriminals at bay, creating a safe network and performing regular security checks are mandatory. That is why Progressive Networks has a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to cybersecurity. When you work with us, expect our technicians to set up robust protection for all classified information and ensure that your business is compliant with privacy laws and regulations.

Having a secure network is a competitive advantage

There is a certain level of trust from a customer if they know that your business is secure, especially if you operate in the eCommerce sector, where most financial transactions are done online. Building customer trust allows your business to become a preferred option over the competition.

The cybersecurity experts at Progressive Networks will take the time to analyze your business needs and come up with solutions that are suitable and aligned with your goals.

Cybersecurity services from Progressive Networks equip you with:

A suite of advanced security software

This includes robust firewalls, real-time threat scans, best-of-breed antivirus, and so much more.

Encryption technology

Our seamless deployment and configurations of encryption solutions ensure optimal data security and communication privacy.

24/7 network monitoring

We spot any potential risks and respond effectively and on time before they can wreak havoc on your operations.

Security awareness training for employees

Your team members are your first line of defense against many sophisticated cyber schemes. Our expert-taught, on-demand lessons keep them up to date with the latest hacks and cyber hygiene standards.

All your IT needs, covered.