Improving the efficiency of your IT system and cutting costs are just two of the many benefits of virtualization in a small to medium-sized business. Here are the most visible benefits that virtualization can bring to your company.

Increase Server Efficiency

Eliminate overuse of your processor and RAM by moving your operations to the virtual world. Save in energy and other expenses by reducing the need to buy new server hardwares to replace the ones that were overworked or obsolete. Although it is somewhat easy to create virtual machines, managing them will prove to be otherwise. Our technicians at Progressive Networks will take over the administrative tasks of managing virtual machines, including monitoring internal network traffic and pinpointing performance jams.

Better Disaster Recovery Efforts

After a disaster happens, you will want to re-establish normalcy and get your business on its feet in the shortest time possible. With Progressive Networks' virtualization, you can prepare for catastrophe by purchasing a few servers that can be placed at safer locales. When disaster strikes, VM-loaded servers can be moved and put to use quickly and easily. That’s because virtualization allows for your IT system to be hosted in smaller hardware quantity.

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