Managed Services

An essential question for most businesses these days is why make the move from a break-and-fix solution to managed services, and what can one get from the latter. Of all the components of a modern office, human and otherwise, the IT infrastructure is the most overworked. It performs round-the-clock in terms of availability and security. Not only that, your IT system is also required to keep up with the fast-changing demands in performance.

Specified IT Services

Progressive Networks can either outsource all the IT services that your business requires or you can simply delegate specific IT operations that require our attention. We can manage, monitor, and solve problems in the functionality and performance of your IT infrastructure. We do not pick tasks as we can also look after the nitty-gritty tasks that clients tend to overlook.

Keeping Loss To a Minimum

Managed services is more than just automating tasks that allows your business to function at its best, it is also about turning the tide in your favor when the worst does happen. Managed services in itself aims for preventative maintenance. Thus, system corruption, crashes, and spyware intrusions are kept to a minimum. And when they do happen, you will be confident to know that your backups and inventory are efficiently up-to-date, repair will take only an infinitesimal time, and loss is kept to a minimum, even non-existent.

Keeping Control by Outsourcing

You’re probably thinking that when you outsource, you lose elements of control. Well, think again. By outsourcing managed services from Progressive Networks, you introduce a breathing space for your IT staff allowing them to focus their efforts on other bigger and more important tasks, while we proactively look after the mundane tasks of IT system monitoring and management 24/7. Not only that, our customized services allows you to pinpoint what you want us to take care of, what you would prefer to look after by yourself, or whether you would like to hand over all responsibilities to our more than capable technicians.

Take control of your business now.