Business Continuity Planning

The modern working environment faces several non-traditional risks. Occurrences of inevitable weather-related events seem to be on a heightened frequency, making the need for a more reliable technology even more evident. These factors make businesses of today exposed to a number of hazards and threats. Your business’ survival is assured with Progressive Networks’s business continuity strategies.

Business Myths

Just because you’re sure that your employees will know what to do when emergency situations happen doesn’t mean that you’re good to go. Even the most intelligent manager with quick thinking and flawless decision-making can be stumped when panic sets in. Responding every which way everyone can doesn’t help either. With the right training and planning at Progressive Networks, your employees can get on a step-by-step coordinated strategy that will allow for faster recovery.

Contrary to what you believe, having a insurance is not enough. Sure it may cover some of the damages, but auxiliary losses such as customers, market share, or delays in production still remain vulnerable.

Not having time to create a business continuity plan should not be an excuse either. The time that was spent to develop one is actually a form of investment. Regardless of whether you open for business after an event, fixed costs will still remain anyway. By having a continuity plan in place, you actually speed up recovery time and your business can get back on its feet even faster.

Having a disaster recovery plan already in place does not cancel the need for a business continuity plan either, as the two are not the same. Business continuity is aimed to proactively evade and alleviate damages even before an event takes place, while disaster recovery is a reactive response after an occurrence.

Not Every Business Can Withstand Disaster

Make sure yours can by developing a business continuity plan with Progressive Networks. Planning for catastrophes and disruption should take place when business is good, and not when a disaster is already upon you. This is one of the best investments that you can probably make.

Make this investment today.